Otaku Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask


This is a review for the Otaku Hyaluronic acid hydrating sheet mask. This is a hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing sheet mask with hyaluronic acid. I decided to use this sheet mask because I had dry, dehydrated, sun burnt skin from not wearing enough sunscreen this weekend camping. 

My skin was even dry on my t-zone, so that means I needed a boost of moisture to get me through the day. 

I put the mask on and let it sit for 20-30 mins. 

 And afterward,the mask gave my skin lots of moisture without bringing oilyness. I had a big spot of flaky dry patches on my forehead and it was gone after the mask. I also had a sunburn on my nose and upper face area and it was diminished and hydrated when the mask was taken off. My skin was hydrated, smooth, and glowy. My skin felt baby soft and plump, and my dry patches were gone. I love this mask, and will use it in the winter to deeply moisturize my skin weekly. 

I got a sheet mask set from otaku at imomoko.com for 11.00$ it came with different face masks to try from the brand otaku.If you would like to try these masks you can go to imomoko.com, sasa.com, or wherever you buy sheet masks online. I will repurchse these masks over and over again. They are wonderful!

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What’s in my Makeup/Skincare Bag for Camping


I have gone camping in the summer for 26 years, we have gone to the same place each time, and they have kept things the same for awhile. I decided to do a what to bring with you camping post for people who go camping in the spring, summer or fall.

A few of your best friends while camping: 

- Bottled water: great for drinking, washing yourself off, or cleaning things. Also great for headaches, migraines, dehydration, ect. 

- Baby wipes/ Face wipes (for quick bathing or cleaning yourself without water)

- Hand sanitizer  For place without water/soap

- Dry shampoo ( cleaning your hair without water) 

- Dollar store hand soap in pump bottles (For places with water, but no soap)

- Deodorant (for being smelly, and no where to take a shower)

- Sunscreen and After sun gel (for camping during the summer)

- Bug Spray ( for bugs while camping)

Some Things I bring with me :

- Toner: to get away oil and deep clean after I use face wipes.

- BB Cream : It has sunscreen in it to keep my face free from sunburn and it has foundation color to even out my skintone, imperfections. 

- Waterproof mascara: For when your in the water or want it to last all day. 

- Liquid eyeliner: Great for days you want to wear makeup, but Not a lot. I like the felt tip ones. 

- Headbands : to soak up sweat and make your hair look better when it’s dirty.

- Face Blotting tissues : For excess Oil and sweat. No shineys!


The place we go to has no soap in the bathrooms, but they have water. They also have port-a-potties. We are by the river, and have water posts/electricity for our tents/ trailers. Some people can’t stand camping because you get dirty, but i have learned many things over the years to keep yourself feeling fresh while camping. As my life changes I will bring different things, but these are staples for me. 

I hope you enjoyed this! 

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Ipsy: July 2014

My Ipsy bag finally came in! Time for a blog post!

The bag is a pink faux leather with a pink zipper and scalloped edges. I personally love it! soo cute!


The theme for this month was sensationally sunkissed. I got 5 items.

* first I got the new BareMinerals 5in1 BB cream eyeshadow sample in Devine Wine.


* then I got BeFine Skincare’s daily moisturizer with spf 15.


* Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil spf 08 ( I gave this to my mom, I will never use it. I’m pale as f)

* Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink. Tried it and I LOVE IT!!!

* and finally Whet Nail Polish in Facetious.

DSCN0390 DSCN0391 DSCN0392

Overall I think the bag is great, I love the value of the items for the price of the bag, you get a free stylish bag with it, and great new products to try. I would choose this over birchbox anyday! honestly.  I Love it! I look forward to every month with this subscription. <3

I’m in love already with the pixi beauty balm and the whet nailpolish! yay! reviews soon.

what did you get in your ipsy? did you get different items? let me see! I’d love to know what you got. Want to subscribe go to : Ipsy!

Thanks for taking the time to read, Have a great rest of the week people.

stay tuned for more beauty.