Kinda Excited for this…


I am really excited for this new product from the Sephora brand. it is a brush cleanser kind of like the beauty blender cleanser. It has a disk with nubs that you can use to get into your brushes and get the dirt/oil/makeup out. The price tag is 14.00$ which is a dollar cheaper then the beauty blender solid cleanser. So a win I guess. It also is very much cheaper then the sigma spa cleaning glove which is 36$ and 39$ for a deluxe one. No thank you! I’m a thrifty gal!

Kinda want this bad!
have you seen this?
Do you like it?
let me know!

Keep beautiful!

Nail polish of the moment

Here is my nail polish of the moment and my last color shout out to summer.


It’s China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

So beautiful! What are you wearing on your nails??

Stay polished beauties!

For book readers and book worms

This is hilariously funny! And sometimes I do feel like these when I talk to people who don’t read or don’t read as much as I do. It’s very good for a laugh too.

Link is here: to book readers

Enjoy! And read on!


Life As We Knew It Review


Life As We Knew It Review

Life as we knew it is a book in a set of books by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It is part of The Last Survivors series. This is the first book in the series and I recently finished the book, and started on the second book. This book is about when the world has changed after an asteroid hit the moon and knocked it out of orbit. It is written in a journal/diary style telling what is happening from the main girl character’s viewpoint. it is a post-apocalyptic book and is categorized under young adult books. I still read them though…. Anyways. This book is really about survival of trying to have a normal life after a huge disaster, it makes you feel really good about life when your having a shitty day. Things could always get worse! I really liked this book, it took a bit to get into it, but once I got started I wanted to know what was going to happen next. A good read if you want to keep yourself guessing and want something to get your attention. 

Have you read this book? do you like it? have a book recommendation.. please let me know. 

Keep reading,


My Eye shadow Palettes

My Collection of eyeshadow palettes.

TokiDoki 24 Karat Skate Deck Pallette

DSCN0448 DSCN0449


Urban Decay NYC Palette

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Urban Decay (Unknown) Palette

MAC Shadowy Lady Quad

MAC Royal Assets 6 Smokey Eyes

Maybelline Designer Chocolates

Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals

Maybelline Twilight Rays

These two are unnamed ulta sets I got awhile a go. They have a range of colors and actually have great color pay off.



Those are what I have right now at this time! I use a lot of neutrals.
Until next time, stay tuned for more beauty goodness.

Bare Minerals Acne Clearing Foundation


There is a new formulation of the bare minerals mineral foundation, and it may be great for people who have oily/acne prone skin. This foundation is made specifically for people who have acne and skin problems. 

This foundation is milled with salicylic acid to  treat acne and prevent new blemishes from popping up. It also has been claimed to cover up redness, so this is great for my skin. Yay! 

It has a 27.00$ price tag,  It comes in 12 shades varying from porcelain to deep neutral tones.  I do love how the original foundation looked on my skin, and it was soo lightweight, so this would be great for me to try. 

You can purchase it here: (27$) 

Are you excited! I am! 

Stay tuned for more beauty goodness,


Worst mascara ever! Yep!

This has to be the worst mascara I have even gotten/tried. The be a bombshell lash out mascara does nothing for my lashes, doesn’t stay on, burns your eyes, and smells like poo. Need I say more…


Stay tuned for more beauty goodness,