December ipsy bag


My December ipsy bag is here today! Yay!!

What I did on my weekend off..

Here’s what I did on my weekend off of work for 3 days.
Assembled organizational cubes and carts. Getting organized in winter.




Twas awesome! Now I feel I accomplished something besides working 30-45 hrs this week.


Hello blog.. It’s been awhile!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I actually got a full time job as a caregiver. And….I got the flu bad during training. Sucks but I can do it! It’s overnights so I will be posting on breaks and after I get off work.

Thank you all for subbing and following my crazy life, I will be posting some more health related posts and there will be a lot about anxiety and things like that!!


Influenster Blog Star

I got contacted by influenster to become a blog star for the site. All I have to do is tell people why I love Influenster soo much.

Why I love influenster? Because you get to try new products from trusted brands or even new brands and review them on their site and yours…For Free!! Yes, you get boxes of things for free to review for companies, and free is good! if  could do this for the rest of my life I would, because I love trying new things that much.

Everything is free, you just share your thoughts on the products and boom, that’s it. You can get all kinds of badges for brands and lifestyles, and you can share everything with other around the world. You can also win prize packs for sharing your thoughts and getting badges, free on top of free! sign me up! I am a frugal person, and to be able to try things for free is awesome.

I love going to the website on their app they have just designed, it makes life easier, and helps me get into programs on the go when I don’t have time to get their on my home computer.

why not try it! it’s free! 

go to : to sign up.


November Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter

November Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter


I got this months ipsy bag a few days ago in the mail, the theme for this month is girl meets glitter and features a glitter bag this month. It seems that ipsy teamed up with forever 21 beauty for this months bag. The bag has a pink zipper and a black fabric inside.

The Items I got inside were: 


~Marc Anthony Morocco Hair Spray~

This hairspray is sulfate free and infused with argan oil and keratin for volume and shine/lustre. The size of the product is 1.5oz.


~Bye Bye Undereye Concealer (Medium)~

This concealer is a full coverage, collagen filled, waterproof product, It is filled with vitamins c and k. The size is .11 fl oz. The full size of the product is pricey. I think I got a darker color then my skintone, maybe I can find one in my color.

DSCN0522 DSCN0523 DSCN0524

~StarLooks Gem Pencil (Ultra Olive)~

I got this eyeliner in an olive color, the green will bring out the green in my eyes and the gold will bring out the blue and gold in my hazel eyes. The size of this product is 2.4 Grams.


~SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion~ 

This is a face/body moisturizer, it is gentle and has little to no smell , it is great for sensitive/dry skin, which I get in the winter. I have tried this and it works well for a brand I have never heard of. It also claims anti-aging properties.


~J Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint (Mad Splatter)~

This product is a stand out lip color with a long wearing formula. i got this pinkish red toned color called Mad Splatter. This brand is cruelty free, and lead free and the product size is .33 oz.

That’s it folks! That’s it for this month. I am really excited about the eyeliner and the lip paint, otherwise it was kind of a blah month for me. I’m debating on keeping the ipsy bag or switching for something else, but I’ll try one more month and see what happens.

What did you think? good? bad? let me know. 



Nov. ipsy bag is here.