Current tv show obsessions

Here is my current tv show obsession.



It’s about warewolves. Yay! I like the show because it is based on a series of books by Kelly armstrong. I love her writing and books she has published, so I love this as well.

Show Info Here.

Lush’s Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

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Lush’s Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb


The Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb has a citrusy and bergamot smell and many brilliant colors plus a glitter core to help you liven up your bath water. I tried this in a big bath tub in Las Vegas and It was pretty awesome, even with just one bath bomb. The size is 6.4 oz, and this one you can cut into halves but watch out for glitter. It softens your skin, and makes it smell great in the room and on your skin for awhile. I Like it a lot.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to wake up a bit, or stimulate their brain into thinking with a bath with this bath bomb. It’s very uplifting and great for focusing. I would definitely purchase this bath bomb again and again, I think would be a staple for me. A++++++

My Favorite Candle Ever!! London Tea & Lemon


Favorite Candle Ever: London Tea & Lemon 


This is my favorite candle ever made! It’s the Bath and Body Works London Tea & Lemon scented candle, and it is the best ever. This candle is totally my own personal candle made just for me. I love tea and this candle is THE “SHIT” . It smells like sweet black tea, and a twist of lemony goodness. I love smelling it just when it’s sitting open on my bedside table, but I also use a candle warmer to preserve the candle and use it over and over again without burning it. it’s great to get the smell of a candle without burning it. Sometimes I do love the light a candle puts off, and I burn it, but rarely do I do it because I want to save the candle and keep it forever, in case they never bring it back.

if anyone got me everything in this scent I would love them forever. This is my favorite candle ever!!

Nude Nail Obsession

I have a huge nude nail obsession recently.


Love this sheer opal color for my nails. Beautiful! Love it. Great price also.

Lush’s AvoBath Bath Bomb Review

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Lush’s AvoBath Bath Bomb


I pick one of these up while I was shopping in Vegas, and brought it all the way home to MN. I used it a week or so after I got home and I fell in love with it hardcore.

This bath bomb is 6.3 oz. and is HUGE! you can definitely cut it into fours to use in the bath, but I would cut it in half so you get more of the bath bomby goodness. It has a lemongrass and citrus smell, and it does clear your mind, and kind of energizes you. It contains something like 44 fresh avocados in each bath bomb, extra virgin olive oil, lemongrass oil, bergamont oil, rosewood oil, and gardenia extract. This bath bomb turns your bath an awesome lime green color, and is SUPER moisturizing for you skin.

After I got out of the bath my skin was so moisturized and silky smooth. I loved it. No need for lotion after this bath. I would purchase these in bulk, over and over again. I’m in love with these.

Love it so! A++++++

MAC ‘s Holiday 2015 Collection

MAC Holiday Collection: 2015-2016 ft. Ellie Goulding




Here are some pictures for the preview of the MAC holiday 2015 collection featuring ellie goulding. There is A lot of pinky nudes in the collection from what I can see.

Are You Excited??

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Coming Soon…

Coming soon to a MAC near you is the new Miley Cyrus Viva Glam 2. A new lipstick and lipgloss color and a retro look for Miley on the promotion for the products.

This should be arriving around September to a MAC store near you….


miley-viva-glam-ii_11 miley-viva-glam-ii_21

The shades are more orange/red then her previous MAC Viva Glam Collection. As always 100% of the proceeds of the purchase of the lipstick and lipglass go to an AIDS/HIV charity. Go Charity! Go!

I want to try the lipglass for sure!

What do you think??