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Lush Review: The New Charity Pot

This is lush’s new charity pot, and it is a very hydrating and moisturizing body lotion that is handmade with natural fresh ingredients.  I did purchase the full 8.4 oz pot, that sells for 26.00$.  This lotion is dye free and made with natural ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, moringa oil, aloe, Cocoa butter, and shea butter.

It is also scented differently then the previous charity pot, it is a vanilla and floral fragrance, but it isn’t heavy, it’s a light smell. I quite enjoy it. It is scented with natural oils like vanilla, geranium oil, rosewood oil, and ylang ylang oil. The pot it is sold in is 100% recycled plastic, so no earthly wrecking issues.

The two best things about this lotion is one, how well it makes skin silky smooth, and two how 100% of the price goes to various charities that lush is supporting. What I can’t find out is why isn’t everyone buying this to support charities??? and make your skin silky soft.

Lush also has a recycling program that if you bring in five of your old pots, you get a fresh face mask. Awesome!

I love it and will re-buy many times!!

It gets an AAAA++++++

I recommend everyone buy it, even the smaller size, and support charities.  to but it go to Lush Charity Pot to buy one.


Currently Reading: July 2015- Demon Glass


I’m currently reading Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins. This is the second book in the trilogy of books by Rachel Hawkins.

Face Mask Monday!! Glam Glow Dual Cleanse Treatment


Face Mask Monday! Glam Glow Dual Cleanse Treatment

A mask that clears skin and also transforms into a cleansing oil when you wash it off. Pretty awesome technology!

Buzz Agent Campaign: Secret Deodorant


Buzz Agent Campaign: Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant

Just got invited to try the secret outlast clear gel deodorant campaign. yay! excited to review this.

Lush Cosmetics Haulage!

Lush Cosmetics Haulage


Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb


Avobath Bath Bomb


Honey I Washed The Kids Soap


Porridge Soap


Godiva Shampoo Bar


Lush Shampoo Bar tin


Charity Pot Lotion


Dark Angels Face Wash/Scrub


Dark Angels


Bubblegum Lip Scrub


OatFix Face Mask

That’s my lush haulage. I did some damage. I will definitely be doing reviews and delving deep into the lush brand to help people discover what they could buy from lush.

I love lush. and it’s worth every penny.

to buy lush products Go Here >> Lush Site


Soft Lips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care Lip Balm in Pomegranate Blueberry


Soft Lips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry

I picked this up before I left on vacation, I needed a lip balm with sun screen in it to protect my lips from the searing desert sun. I got the flavor pomegranate blueberry, which smells fruity and good enough to eat (But don’t do it).The balm is said to hydrate with shea butter to restore moisture, replenishes with vitamins a,c and e. it is also said to smooth lips and add shine with out being sticky/goopy. The spf in this balm is spf 15, which is a minimum these days.

I really like this stuff, after the first day I felt myself reaching for it more and more to fix and protect my lips from the sun when I was on vacation. My lips didn’t burn once, which was awesome because I spent some good time under the sun. I would recommend this to people who want smooth lips and sun protection at the same time. This is a must have for summer in my book. I love it and would repurchase it often.

And can a say the packaging is cool, way better then the EOS sphere lip balms, which is a favorite also. It looks like an ice cube, with lip balm stuck in the middle. I like it!

You can find these lip balms at drugstores, target, walmart, and online everywhere. it also comes in two other flavors, mint and vanilla bean.

Here’s a link to the website: Soft Lips Cube

Love It! 

It gets an A+ in my book

Stay hydrated and protected people,



DSCN0619 DSCN0620

Proactiv 3-step Acne System (Original)

I got this set after dealing with my moderate acne problems again, and I wanted to clear up my acne again. It is the original formula, and came with a gift.


The Cleanser


The Toner


The Lotion


Refining Mask(Free Gift)

I used this for 3 days and after the first day my skin was clearer and on the 3rd day my skin was like 75%+ clearer. This does work for me, It has in the past and does still now. I hope I can keep using it, to keep my acne at bay. I’m sick of feeling gross because of my skin. I love it and always will!

This set was 30$ for a 30 day kit, there is a 3 month kit for 80$ available online or in a kiosk at the mall.

stay clear beauties!