Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub

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Lush’s Bubble Gum Lip Scrub


This is lush’s bubble gum lip scrub, it is a sugary sweet bubble gum flavored lip polish to leave your lips kissably soft and smooth. The full size glass jar scrub is 10.00$ for a .8 oz. but it is worth every penny, because after you scrub you can taste and eat a bit of the scrub. There is no need for water, so you can take this traveling with you, just be careful of the glass jar.  It is made with fair trade sugar, jojoba oil, cornstarch, and flavorings. It is always handmade, natural and vegan.

DSCN0658  Here is a picture of the texture and color of it in the pot. It looks like bubblegum in a pot! It’s great to use before you apply lip products or any makeup at all, as a spa night/day in, or as a special treat for yourself, after all you deserve it!

I absolutely love this stuff, I love the smell, love the taste of it. Love it so!

I would recommend this to everyone, and if your stopping by lush, pick one up for yourself.

You can pick it up in Lush stores or online at : Here


Stay Smooth,


Freeman Beauty: Facial Brightening Mask With Golden Grain



This is the Freeman Facial Brightening Mask with Golden Grain. This mask is designed for all skin types leaning toward drier skin and is used for brightening, hydrating, upping moisture and firming.  I got the full size 6 0z. tube for 5.00$ on their direct website. It has vitamin c, banana extract,coconut extract, ginger extract, papaya extract, raspberry extract, and sandalwood extract ( Why? I don’t know). This is a normal Leave on for 10-20 mins. then wash off mask.


A weird part of the mask is it has golden flecks in it, which looks cool when it’s on your skin, it makes your skin glow. but goes away when you wash it off. I’m not sure if it’s the “golden grain” or if it’s just pigment put into the mask, but it’s a nice little add on.

After washing off the mask my skin did feel firmer, more hydrated, and glowy, like my skin was lit from within. It did lighten my acne scars and spots slightly, and with weekly use it might help more. I loved how plump and firm my skin felt.

This mask gets a B, for how my skin felt. but I could do without it. it’s a great treat for a spa night/day at home.

Nugg Exfoliating Face Mask Review


Nugg Exfoliating Face Mask

This face mask is from Nugg beauty, and it comes in a little pod filled with the face mask. You can one pod 2-4 times depending on how much you use, I slather them on to get every inch of my skin covered with the face masks for the best benefits. I got 3 uses out of the one pod. This mask is made for combination skin. This mask exfoliates, smooths, and balances your skin. It is also good for acne prone skin, because it exfoliates the dead skin off your acne bumps, smooths them, and hydrates the bumps, so no scars are left behind.  It has cranberry oil, jojoba oil beads, aloe, and grape oil and 93% natural products in it. It cleanses the oily skin and hydrates the dry skin.

to use you wash your face and dry it, then apply the mask on dry skin, and massage for 30 sec. – 1 min. then leave the mask on your skin for 5-10 mins. wash off. enjoy your skin.

I really love this mask and how great it made my skin feel, it even helped with my acne scars and current acne bumps. It made my skin silky smooth, and awesomely hydrated.

These are also great for traveling as the pod contains enough for a few face masks and is 10 ml or .33 fl oz. And you can get them at your local target for 4.00$. There is also many other masks to choose from if this isn’t your thing. You can also purchase them directly from the company at their website.

Their website: Here

or Target online: Here

I love this mask, and recommend it to everyone.

Keep Masking,


Current fave TV show: The Strain

Current favorite TV show: The Strain


Here is my current favorite TV show. The strain. It’s second season is airing on fx. I’m currently watching the first season.
If you like horror and Sci first shows you will like this a lot. I love it!!

Freeman Beauty- Goji berry Hydration Mask Review


Freeman Beauty: Goji Berry Hydration Mask Review


This is a review for Freeman Beauty’s goji berry hydration mask. This is a face mask that is designed to hydrate, re-balance and soothe stressed and dehydrated skin. It has Goji berry extract, chamomile extract, and avacado oil in it. I got the travel size of the mask which is .5 oz and is good for 2-4 uses. the price is 2.00$ for a travel size packet.

The interesting thing about this mask is the mask is a gel/cream mixture and you put it on your skin, and it sinks in while your wearing it, then you wash off what is left of the mask and your left with soft and silky skin. It does a really good job at hydrating and balancing your skin.

I would re-purchase this mask in the summer and winter to help sunburnt/sun damaged skin, or wind burnt, chapped skin on your face. It is a great Mask! You have to try if you have dry skin.

You can buy it Here!

Stay Hydrated,


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