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A review of a skincare set. Just got this today, will post an in depth show off later.

I also have a few more reviews coming soon, and a life post.


A review coming up soon….


I’m going to have a review coming up soon for this product. The diva cup.

My schick razor came in the mail


My schick razor came for the buzzagent campaign. Yay! Now to test it out.


Keep reading for a review soon.


Kama Sutra Oil Of Love

The Oil is a deep red colored, raspberry flavored concoction. I’m not sure if it comes in any other flavors, but I got this one. The oil warms when it hits the skin, and can be blown on like motion lotion to heat it up more, or to cool it down a bit. The oil feels like something is on your skin, but it makes your skin slippery. The oil is solid but when a mouth/tongue is put on it, it breaks down into a flavored oil you can use for a bit of taste sensation, and warm and cold sensation.

This is a oil that you can use for foreplay, massage, or a bit of kinky play before sex. The oil is made to be licked/eaten off of the body, and has a great raspberry taste. I would not use this for internal lube in other openings besides your mouth, you could get a nasty infection if used in the vagina, and anus. I also wouldn’t use this with toys because it could break down the toys materials. This is NOT a lube.

You can use this with partners all over the outside body, to spice things up a bit. It feels great to have someone massage you and tease you a bit before sex whether it is oral, anal or other sex acts. You could use this with a heat pack for an all over deep massage, on genitals for oral sex, or on nipples to turn on your partner.

When I have used this I loved the taste and it made things a bit more fun then doing it, then without the oil, other people I have tried it with are amazed by the great taste and how it works on the skin when you use it. They have really liked it too, it enhances things ever so slightly, to take things up a notch.


The Amazing Hot Heart Massager

This product is a fluid filled, heart-shaped packet with an internal disk that, when snapped, causes the packet to heat up. This allows you to use it for many things such as massage, or as a hot pack for aches and pains. You can also cool it off by putting it in the fridge to get cold for massages, or even use it as a cold pack for swelling. This also works great in the winter when you need a hand warmer on colder days/nights, and is great for women who need a hot pad for menstrual cramps. I get migraines and I use this a lot!

Mine is a pink color and is shaped like a heart which is so cute. It is reusable, so no more buying those burst-and-shake ice packs, heating pads with cords, etc.! This product slowly turns solid with use. So, after it is done throwing out heat, you need to leave the pack in boiling water for ten minutes to get it back to a liquid form, and ready for re-use. I have had this for years and I use it very often, yet it is holding up to the wear and tear of frequent use, which is great!

If you put some massage lotion on it when the pack is either hot or cold, it makes the massage so much better; it really relaxes you, and gets the knots out. It is also great for body sensation play with hot/cold and could be used in place of an ice cube or hot wax for the less adventurous.

I’m sure there are other uses for this product, but that is how I use it. It’s for my migraines, menstrual cramps, puffy eyes, swelling, body pains, headaches and as a hand/foot warmer in winter/fall…pretty much for anything you can think of.

I really love this product!

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BuzzAgent Campaign: Schick HydroSilk Razor

New Buzz Agent Campaign: Schick HydroSilk Trim Style Razor

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I got invited into the campaign to try the new Schick hydro silk trim style razor(lots of words for a razor). I’m excited to try new razor or razor technology, because I’m always looking for softer, smoother skin. It’s spring, it’s time for skin bearing activities.

I will be receiving a package with coupons, a free razor, and other Buzz Agent goodies. I will do an in depth post after I receive my package, the campaign starts in 8 days.

stay tuned,


Birchbox Book Club Book April: The Knockoff


I got this book today in the mail from for their April book club book The Knockoff. Specially for birchbloggers.
The knockoff is a book like the devil wears Prauda. I will read and post a review after I read it.

Book haul: Harry potter


I got the first two Harry potter books.
Building up my book collection, bought the first two Harry potter books at half price books. Yay!
What are you reading??