My mental health

About a year ago I got diagnosed with a few mental health issues that do affect my health and how I live my life. I have agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety, binge eating disorder,  and clinical depression. So I’m almost afraid of everything. But anyone who has mental health issues knows they need to get the help they need and take the meds. They need to keep themselves normal. Or atleast as close to normal as possible. I’m here foryou people. 🙂


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26, female, MN,USA. Blogger.
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4 Responses to My mental health

  1. gee2805 says:

    I feel your pain. Generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic and agoraphobia. And that’s just so far. Currently awaiting a psych eval to diagnose me with (they think) at least two more things! But with help we can get through this.
    I believe in you! Stay strong x

    • palebeauty66 says:

      It’s hard to stay strong when your support system doesn’t believe you have these mental problems! And says get over it!

      • gee2805 says:

        Trust me, I get it. I have a lot of family etc around me but very little support when it comes to my mental health. I’m mostly left to my own devices. I’m trying to have faith in myself and develop strength within myself, independent from the outside “support” system. Easier said than done, but I’m giving it a go.

      • palebeauty66 says:

        Well, you have me to talk to anytime. You can email me and we can chat and support each other.

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